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We buy Inuit Art

We are always looking for Inuit art. Towards the end of the 40s the Inuit / Eskimo Art, as we know it today, developed through the efforts of Toronto artist James Houston. This art form provided additional income to the Inuit / Eskimos. This economic activity became not only an important source of income but also a matter of pride for the Inuit / Eskimos, many of these works are exhibited in museums and major collections around the world.

Our expertise and our established customer base allows us to give you more money for your Inuit Art. We travel in the Greater Montreal area (Montreal, Laval and South Shore). We buy from antique collectors and dealers. We also buy directly from individuals and pay very good prices. For large collections or for exceptional items, please contact us if you do not live in the greater Montreal area, we will travel to Quebec and Ontario. 

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Inuit Art
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Fast and courteous service, we are always looking for antiques and rare objects.

We pay very good prices for your Inuit Art.

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